About Us

Importers, Distributors & Manufactures of Sporting Goods

Ausport Superstore is Australia's Baseball Softball Superstore.

Providing everything you would need to participate in Baseball, Softball or Teeball at any level.
From beginner to the elite athlete, we have got the range and the stock for you.

Ausport is committed and focused to customer service, and we aim to provide shoppers with the highest quality and up to date products. Our philosophy at work; 'Serving customers is a way of life.' And that is what we do all day every day, so we know how to look after you.

A brief history of Ausport Superstore - Since 1964

In 1964
Ausport was established in Surrey Hills, Victoria.


In 1980
Ausport moved to Burwood, Victoria in a combined business venture with great success.
This combined business venture included;

-          Sporting Goods Wholesale

-          Sporting Goods Steel Fabrication

-          Building Industry

-          Plumbing Business

-          Rainwater product manufacture

-          Roller door manufacture and more!


In 1984
Ausport set up in Syndal, Victoria, moved into the retail environment
and became a factory direct supplier.

In 1986
Ausport Invents The Easy Base for Baseball Softball
The velcro Easy Base Pegging System

In 1987
Ausport moved to the Factory Outlet in Scoresby, Victoria and combined the 
Club, School, Retail and Mail Order Business.

In 2000
Ausport Launches Website.

In 2004

40 years on, Ausport relocated to its current location in Knoxfield, Victoria, providing a

-          Massive Showroom

-          Warehouse with multiple roller door access

-          Sales & Accounting Offices

-          Manufacturing Area

-          Club Meeting Room

-          Container Storage Yard

-          Internet room with Photographic studio

-          Indoor training facility and more!

In 2008
Ausport Superstore Launches New Website. 

In 2010

One of Ausport Superstore founders is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame : Mr Bill Wyatt

Bill also played Baseball for South Melbourne in Victoria as did his father Alf Wyatt.

Alf Wyatt Played for South Melbourne Baseball Club in the 1920s
Bill Wyatt Played for South Melbourne Baseball Club in 1950s

Mr Bill Wyatt

Mr Bill Wyatt Hall of Fame Night

In 2014

Ausport Superstore Celebrates 50 Years.

In 2016

Ausport Superstore Launches New Website.

In 2017

Ausport Superstore Launches Marucci in Australia. Full Range coming soon !