David Sunflower Seed Sampler Pack (12 x 5.25oz)

David Sunflower Seed Sampler Pack (12 x 5.25oz)

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No Use by Date on Seeds
Current Stock best before date varies from Feb - April 2019

Sampler Pack includes the following

Packs contain the following flavours;

Packs of BAR-B-Q x 2

Packs of Original x 2

Packs of Ranch x 2

Packs of Jalapeno x 2

Packs of Dill Pickle x 1

Packs of Buffalo Ranch x 1

Packs of Sweet & Spicy x 1

Packs of Cracked Pepper x 1

Total 12 Packs of Seeds

America’s favorite in-shell sunflower seeds are delicious and fun to eat any time, anywhere. Natural and nutritious, DAVID Sunflower Seeds are available in a variety of new flavors and convenient, portable packaging for easy, on-the-go enjoyment!

So you want to be a Seeder? Step up to the plate and take a crack at it! DAVID Seeders are unique, cool and independent guys and gals who share a love of eating DAVID Seeds. Seeders of all ages eat sunflower seeds while playing sports like baseball, Softball and soccer, while watching TV, taking a road trip, working on the computer, or hanging out with friends. Sunflower seeds are natural snacks that keep your mouth busy and your hands free so you can be active, focused and get the job done - on or off the field.

The activity of “seeding” is neither a science nor an art; It’s a Snacktivity™. All it takes is a bag of DAVID Seeds and an appetite for seeds. Follow these steps, practice and put your seeder skills to work.

Step 1: Pop a handful of seeds in your mouth
Step 2: Store seeds in one side of your cheek
Step 3: Now, transfer one seed to the other side
Step 4: Crack the shell with your teeth
Step 5: Remove the seed with your tongue
Step 6: Spit the shell, eat the seed and repeat!

Don’t be shell-shocked at first, and remember there is no wrong way to eat DAVID seeds! Watch ball players for some helpful hints, and in no time, you’ll be the natural, top seeder among your friends!
Here are the official levels of DAVID Seeder status:

ROOKIE Seeder: The beginner!
You like to eat a few seeds at a time, savoring each seed!

CASUAL Seeder: The occasional seeder.
You are on the way to seeder success, keep it up!

ALL-STAR Seeder: The pro!
You like to eat seeds by the handful, grabbing a big bag daily!

Need a tip on the style and process of the seed-spitting ways? Watch below.


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