Big League Chew Bubblegum Sour Apple Single Pack

Big League Chew Bubblegum Sour Apple Single Pack
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Big League Chew is the #1 shredded gum of athletes everywhere. It's the perfect thing to get your mouth moving and your juices flowing. On the field or off, Big League Chew is Big League Fun.
One summer night long ago,
Portland Mavericks lefthander Rob Nelson came up with a fun new bubblegum idea: shredded gum in a pouch. He called it the Big League Chew.

Rob's teammate , Jim Bouton , called it"...the best idea to ever come out of a bullpen!"

Jim found a gum company to make Big League Chew, and it quickly became the "must-have" bubblegum for ballplayers of all ages around the world. Today - over 30 years later - Big League Chew is the fun gum that keeps your mouth from getting dry when the game is on the line. It is the #1-selling shredded bubblegum in the world!

Sour Apple Flavour


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