Total Control Ball 74 - Pack of 6

Total Control Ball 74 - Pack of 6


The TCB ball provides instant feedback to the hitter upon contact. Hit it square or on the center line of the ball, and the shape remains round. If hit off center, the ball changes to a donut shape - spinning up or down depending on location of the contact of the ball. These training balls are used primarily for front and side toss. Start out slowly with 3 to 6 solid hits and increase to a maximum of 18 to 24 in one hitting session. 

  • 2.9 inches in diameter (baseball size) and weighs 425 grams (15 oz)
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Used for both front and side toss
  • Develops strength and drive
  • Use for baseball, cricket or fastpitch softball
  • Requires only a 25' x 25' area to do full hitting practice
  • Long lasting - made from a special indestructible shell, filled with high energy absorbing materials
  • Safe for all bats - won't dent
  • Safer than conventional balls
  • No gloves or nets required

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