KR3 Eagle Magnum Composite C271 BBCOR Certified Baseball Bat

KR3 Eagle Magnum Composite C271 BBCOR Certified Baseball Bat

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Made from our finest hand selected Maple billets, superior in bending abilities, resistant to twist and lower in splitting properties.  A closed grain wood coming from only our best suppliers that does not flake, thus providing higher durability. Every billet is sorted and graded on structural elements then accurately weighed to ensure excellent model consistency, especially on large barrel models.  The Eagle Magnum is strengthened with fibreglass biaxial sleeving applied with Rock Resin epoxy. Designed by the President of KR3 with over 40 years of experience and launched in 2013 to provide excellent quality at this price point. 60 day limited warranty against manufacturers defect. Handcrafted Canadian quality in each and every bat.

The C271 Eagle Magnum comes with a 60 day warranty and features a slender barrel combined with a thick handle for great durability. Commonly used by both power and contact hitters because of its balanced feel.

  • Cupped to Drop 2-3
  • Fibreglass Sleeving up to Barrel
  • Applied with Rock Resin Epoxy
  • Hot White Barrel
  • Artic Camo Handle
  • Knob Size 1.980 / Handle Size .975 / Barrel Size 2.445

Additional Information

Senior Baseball Bat Length 33in, 34in