Louisville Slugger C271 Pro Stock Ash WBPS14-71CNW Wood Bat

Louisville Slugger C271 Pro Stock Ash WBPS14-71CNW Wood Bat

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Louisville Slugger IS baseball. For over 125 years, Louisville Slugger has dominated the batter's box in Major League Baseball. Still to this day, more teams and players swing Louisville Slugger than any other brand. No other bat combines heritage, expertise and passion for the game like Louisville Slugger. The Pro Stock Series of wood features the same grade bat that is used in the pros. Made from ash wood, these bats are have a solid, yet lightweight feel. Pound for pound, ash is the strongest timber available, so you can expect good durability from these bats. Ash wood also has a flexibility that isn't found in other timber like maple. It tends to flex rather than break, giving players a larger sweet spot in which to aim for. These bats feature a pro cupped end to control the weight and balance of each of bat. If you want to swing like the pros this season, the Pro Stock ash wood bat from Louisville Slugger is the way to go!

  • 15/16 Inch Handle
  • Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • C271 Turning Model - Medium Barrel, Long Taper, Thin Handle, Medium Knob
  • Natural Handle/ White Barrel Finish
  • Northern Ash Wood
  • Pro Cupped end (only on 32in and 33in models)
  • Pro Grade Timber


Additional Information

Brand Louisville Slugger
Senior Baseball Bat Length 32in, 34in
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