Training Aids

Q: How do I find the right Training Aid to develop the skills I want to improve?

At Ausport, we’re here to help, so let’s start by finding out what you’re looking to work on.

Which of these skills are you looking to improve?

  • Hitting
  • Fielding
  • Pitching

Hitting Aids

Hitting a ball in Baseball & Softball may be easy to start learning, but it’s hard to master. Luckily, there are a lot of aids that you can use to help with your hitting.

But first, let’s break down the different areas you might be looking to improve in your hitting:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Hitting Technique
  • Opposite Field/Directional Hitting
  • Hitting with Power

But before we get into specific hitting aids, there is 1 hitting aid that is universally praised by hitting coaches all over the world and it’s a Batting Tee. Whether you go into your local clubroom, an elite Baseball/Softball training facility or the New York Yankees clubhouse, you will always find a batting tee. All (and yes we do mean ALL) big-leaguers use a batting tee to work on their swing. The better you can get at utilizing the tee, the better your hitting will become. The tee is an excellent tool for showing the hitter where in the hitting zone pitches need to be hit and an excellent tool for creating muscle memory. The batting tee is the best all-around hitting aid and can help with all aspects of hitting. To see Ausport’s range of Batting Tees click here

Ausport’s recommendation for Hand-Eye Coordination Training:
    Rawlings Hand-Eye Bat and ball sets. Available for Baseball (Senior & Junior) & Softball
    Rawlings 5-Tool Set of 3 Breaker Training Balls (Baseball)
    Worth Set of 3 Breaker Training Balls (Softball)

Ausport’s recommendation for Hitting Technique Training:
    Rawlings/Louisville Slugger One Hand Bat (Baseball)
    Hit-A-Way Available in Baseball & Softball

Ausport’s recommendation for Opposite Field/Directional Hitting:
X-Plate XPT2 Multi-Position Tee
Rawlings 5-Tool Multi-Tee

Ausport’s recommendation for Hitting with Power:
Rawlings Power Trainer Resistance Bat
Bat Weights

Fielding Aids

Fielding a ball in Baseball & Softball can be very different based on your fielding position. Which means there are a few different aspects you can work on to improve your fielding in your favorite position or fielding all round the diamond. The way you field a ball is very different in the infield than it is in the outfield.

For infield training, Ausport recommends:
    Rawlings 5-Tool Great Hands Trainer (Recommended for Baseball Training)
    Rawlings 5-Tool Quick Hands Trainer
    Rawlings/Worth 5-Tool reaction Ball (Available for Softball & Baseball)

For Outfield Training, Ausport Recommends:
    X-Plate Weighted Ball Set – Arm Strength training (Baseball & Softball available)
    Softball Spinner
    Rawlings/Worth Resistance Band w/ Ball (Baseball & Softball available)

Pitching Aids

Good pitching will win a lot of games, good pitching can shut down even the best hitters out there. So if you’re looking to work on you pitching, here are a few recommendations for training aids that will help you improve on the mound.

First off, we can break down the different aspects of pitching that you may be looking to work on.

  • Mechanics
  • Arm Strength
  • Location Control

For work on you pitching Mechanics, or if you’re just starting out on the hill, Ausport Recommends:

Roger Clemens Baseball pitching trainer ball
Christi Ambrosi Softball pitching trainer ball
Softball Spinner

For work on your Arm Strength Ausport Recommends:
    X-Plate Weighted Ball Set – Arm Strength training (Baseball & Softball available)
    Rawlings/Worth Resistance Band w/ Ball (Baseball & Softball available)

For improvement with Pitch Location Control, Ausport recommends:
    Rawlings Professional Combacker & Pitching Target
    Rawlings 5-Tool 3 in 1 Pop Up Net

Ausport would also like to recommend the following products for the most important aspect of Pitching; taking proper care of your Arm. Pitching can be very taxing on your arm, with many professionals over the years succumbing to serious arm injuries. To reduce your risk of injury and maximize your ability to pitch Ausport recommends the following products:

  • Rawlings/Worth Resistance Band w/ Ball. These resistance bands are a great way to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your arm and shoulder. Proper use will mean less soreness after games and can even help improve your throwing velocity.
  • Rawlings Shoulder Ice Wrap. The best thing you can do after a game on the mound is ice your arm and shoulder. Cold therapy helps combat microtrauma (small tears) in muscle fibers and resultant soreness from pitching. This will reduce swelling & tissue breakdown in your arm & shoulder. The wrap are easily applied and come with re-useable ice packs to insert in the wrap.