X-Plate Weighted Premium Leather Training Softball

X-Plate Weighted Premium Leather Training Softball
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X-Plate Weighted 12" Softballs-Leather Cover
Split leather cover, white stitching, weighted cork core. As you train, gradually increase the weight of the ball as you build strength in your throwing arm. Color coded cover indicates the ball weight. (The size of a regulation softball is 12” and between 6.25 -7 oz.)

X-Plate Weighted Balls are an excellent muscular strength enhancer. Pitchers, catchers, infielders and outfielders that use weighted balls have shown a significant improvement in velocity, throwing accuracy and ball movement, after a 4-week period. Weighted Baseballs range from 4-12 oz. (Official baseball weight is 5 oz.) Weighted Softballs range from 5-12 oz. (Official softball weight is 6.8 oz.)

Injury may occur if caught by hand or ball glove due to the added weight of the balls. Weighted balls should not be thrown to another individual or hit with a bat. They should be thrown into a net when training for throwing accuracy or held in the hand when used as a strength enhancer. Choose weight of ball carefully. If ball is too heavy, choose a lower weight. Increase to higher weight balls only after strength condition is achieved. These instructions provide general weight guidelines: practice safety when training.

When starting, use the lighter of the balls, then increase one weight per six sessions with the ball.

Ball Toss (7-9 oz ball)

Hold a weighted ball in your throwing hand with the same two- or four-seam grip you would normally use to throw a fast ball. Hold the ball palm-up at waist height. Toss the weighted ball up into the air, approximately 2-3 feet. Try to isolate the tossing motion to the wrist and fingers; feel the fingers snap into the palm. Feel the ball spin off the index and middle fingers each time the ball is tossed. Strive for quick spin and proper ball rotation. Work on curve balls by snapping fingers inward, and screwballs with more outer pressure. Experiment with finger pressure on the ball as it leaves your hand. Practice the rotations that best fit your pitch so that those muscles will be strengthened by the weighted balls.

Pendulum Stretch (12 oz ball)
Hold a weighted ball in your throwing hand and bend at the waist so the arms are parallel to the ground. With throwing arm extended, begin with a small, clockwise circular motion, and continue until circular area reaches max. Allow muscles to relax and let gravity slow the spin and circular motion to a stop. Repeat the pendulum stretch in the opposite direction (counterclockwise).

Shoulder Abduction (7-12 oz ball)
Hold a weighted ball in your throwing hand with arm at your side and then over the head in a slow, sustained motion. Start with 3 sets of 10 reps, increasing to the next heaviest ball with each set.

Shoulder Flexion (7-12 oz ball)
Hold a weighted ball in your throwing hand with arm at your side. Extend arm to your front with 3 sets of 10 reps. Move the weighted ball slowly, controlling both the lifting and lowering of the ball. This exercise strengthens a portion of the deltoid and other muscles in the front of the shoulder.

Instructions for Developing Pitching Accuracy

Train 3 times a week with one day of rest in between. After 4 weeks, youÕll begin to see a noticeable increase in velocity and accuracy.

1. Using a X-Plate weighted ball, first begin with a Warm-Up Exercise listed above. Then switch to a Regulation 5 oz. baseball/6.8 oz. Softball and play catch with another person standing at 40-45 feet, and increase the long-toss up to 90-130 feet until the arm is warmed up (about 10 minutes).

2. Shorten the distance to 40-45 feet from a pitch net and switch to the next highest weight ball (10-12 oz). Throw approx 30 times into the net. Focus on accuracy, lead arm action and follow through.

3. Lengthen the distance to 55-65 feet using the next highest ball (7-10 oz.) Continue to focus on accuracy, lead arm action and follow through. Throw at 1/2 to 3/4 normal pitching speed.

4. Switch back to regulation 5 oz Baseball / 6.8 oz softball and throw from the same distance 1/2 to 3/4 speed. maximum 20 throws.

Training with weighted balls is a muscle-loading technique that is much the same as lifting weights. Injuries may occur. Use of any sports equipment and participation in any sport subjects the user to a degree of risk. Weighted balls should be used with caution and with proper supervision and instruction. The seller hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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