X-Plate Baseball/Softball Single Wheel Pitching Machine

X-Plate Baseball/Softball Single Wheel Pitching Machine

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Single wheel Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine
Speed: 40-100 km/h Dimple ball or leather ball can be used.

Single Wheel Pitching machine comes with 12 inch and 9 inch ball shoot.  Suitable for Baseball, Softball or Cricket practice.  Fully interchangeable with parts to suit all three applications at no extra charge.

·         Speed Dial for ease in selecting the perfect speed
·         Caters for different Skill levels
·         Easy to operate adjustments levers make set up a piece of cake
·         Change the angle of the machine head quickly and easily for different drills
·         Suitable for young players or simplifying drills to hammer home those teaching points 

Batting Practice
Don’t have a coach to throw good Strikes?  Tired arm from throw downs?  This machine takes the effort out of batting practice for coaches.  This machine allows the coach to deliver the ball consistently in the right location to maximise the benefit of your training session.  Great for “Coach pitch” competitions and many different hit training applications. 

·         Live batting practice Softball, Baseball, Cricket
·         Ball flight tracking different pitches
·         Technique drills
·         Bunting Drills

Defensive DrillsTired of hitting Fungos or want to simplify a drill?  Use the X-Plate Single Wheeled Pitching machine to put the ease back into running Defensive drills.  Using this machine you can set up Drills for
·         Groundballs
·         Flyballs
·         Receiving Drills
·         Short hops
·         Catchers Blocking Practice

No Coach Available at your hitting station?  PERFECT Solution!
 - Optional Automatic Ball feeder unit available for 9 inch ball sports.

Hit by yourself with the automated 9 inch ball feeder unit. 

Automatic feeder unit drops a ball into the machine ever 6-8 seconds which is ideal for players training by themselves.

Set machine, activate the feeder unit and get ready!

Make sure you watch the Video below



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