SKLZ Target Swing Trainer Hit-N-Stik Adult Baseball 63"

SKLZ Target Swing Trainer Hit-N-Stik Adult Baseball 63"
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  • INCREASE BATTING POWER. The SKLZ Target Swing helps youth players increase power, control bat speed, and muscle memory. Receive instant feedback on how much power is needed for every hit as players improve their hand-eye coordination and focus.
  • DEVELOP SWING MECHANICS.The SKLZ Target Swing Trainer develops and refines your youth players’ technique. This training aid is perfect for right and left handed batters, or for switch-hitting. With instant visual feedback to perfect your swing.
  • SIMULATE A VARIETY OF PITCHES. Ideal for one-on-one coaching, you can provide complete control for your batting target. Practice hitting high, low, inside, and outside pitches so, your hitters can handle anything that is thrown their way.
  • IMPROVE CONFIDENCE AT BAT. Give your players the tools they need before stepping up to the plate. With the SKLZ Target Swing Trainer they can practice perfecting their swing before game day. Improve confidence and bring your team to the next level.
  • REACH YOUR GOALS. SKLZ is committed to preparing athletes to be ready for their sport. Lock in technique as your team reaches their goals. Use the SKLZ Target Swing Trainer for all diamond sports as you watch your team train harder and play better.

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