X-Plate XP3000W Premium Waterproof Leather Baseball - DOZEN


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The Ultimate Super Seam Winter Baseball in Australia 

The XP3000W+ SS Has Virgin White Wool Windings! The Best and Biggest Seam on the Market! Stays in shape and harder longer! 

Only $7.08 per ball in dozen lots!!



1. We use a cushion cork centre. The best centre is made of a responsive round cork centre which is covered with a firm black rubber cushion surrounded by an activated springy red rubber cushion. Any top of the line ball will have this type of centre. Any ball that doesn’t have this type of centre is inferior.  

2. We use 100% virgin white wool on all but the finish windings. Many so called top of the top line balls use 50% grey wool which is the wool that has not had all of the impurities washed and combed out. The best balls will use virgin white wool that has been washed and combed to remove most of the impurities which simply add weight and less consistency to wool windings. Because a ball needs to meet certain weight restrictions (5 oz. plus or minus 3%), the cleaner the wool, the lighter the wool, the more wool can be used. The result is a tighter wound, harder and more durable ball. Virgin wool is more durable, more limber, more consistent in texture, and can generally be wound in one continuous strand. Washed and dried virgin wool will return to its initial shape faster, even after being struck time and time again. 

3. On the finish windings we use a combination of 3-ply polyester and 1-ply vinylon in place of nylon. Vinylon is a derivative of nylon that is stronger than plain nylon or poly/cotton thread. Vinylon is better for stiffness retention and helps keep the ball harder longer. 

4. Before the ball is stitched, we apply a full coat of extra strength rubber based adhesive. Many manufacturers use smaller amounts of adhesive simply to hold the cover in place while it is being stitched. A complete coat of adhesive will eliminate any possibility of the cover shifting on the core. 


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